“What are you celebrating today?”

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We are now heading towards the end of our journey together at Knowmads, after 2 months together.

We have been exploring our dreams, defining our goals, drafting our projects.

It is now up to us to actually make it happen.  

Hence the Check-In Question of this Sunday morning: What’s missing?

To be fair, I really hate this question.

That’s the main problem with this Knowmads community: they keep asking you these disturbing questions and forcing you to face the truth.

And for me, the truth is that since a few months (not to say a few years?), what has been missing is my courage – a fact carefully hidden under many perfectly well-framed excuses, a fact carefully ignored thanks to a hyper-active life.

And now that I am aware of it, it opens the door to a wonderful time of safe-blaming for not being more, for not being enough.

“Join Knowmads” they said, “it will be fun” they said.

Today, it is a bit different though.

Keep calm and Trust the Process

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, what you do are aligned”, said some wise men.

And I have decided to live up to it

In a way, I have known since the first hours of Knowmads Lite Team in January that it would end up like that.

In a way, I have even known since the day I have decided to move to Hanoi.

So what’s missing today ? Self-Empathy.

Because it is ok to be scared when life is at any turning point.

Because it is ok to be proud of the things I have achieved so far, even if they belong to a path I am about to step away from.

“Choisir c’est renoncer” as we say back home, and it is ok to feel some sadness when time comes.

So what’s missing today ? Celebration.  

Celebrating Courage, Trust and Passion, the 3 things that brought me to where I am today.

Moving to Hanoi by myself. Starting a new job. Creating a whole new life. Discovering a new city. Trying new things.

Not even remembering when was the last time I was in my comfort zone.

And all of sudden, finding Knowmads community.

And not only finding it, but joining it.

And not only joining it but contributing to it.

And not only contributing to it but committing to it.

Finding out that there is hope out there.


Celebrating the fact that in these critical times, there are still people determined to bring positive changes to the world.

Celebrating the fact that in a world of growing individualism, there are communities based on support, collaboration, solidarity.

Celebrating the fact that in a world of underlying exclusion and division, there are communities that welcome everyone.

Today, let’s celebrate Knowmads Hanoi community and the wonderful positive changes it is bringing to my life – to our lives!


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