Last Saturday Clickspace hosted another great infomeeting, the first one in a while! Around 15 people gathered to network and get information about Knowmads UP, filling the Spacebar with good energy and smiles! We started with a different kind of check-in, hosted by Narayan. Using some creative question dices made by the super talented Mercedes, each person had to roll the dice and answer the offered question. Afterwards, we experienced a short yet powerful workshop, hosted by Christian. The participants paired up and told each other a short story for 5 minutes each. The interesting part, however, was the listener’s role! Each person had to choose a different way of listening among 3 options and stick with it for the whole 5 minutes. The options were: No reactions (verbal or non-verbal) Only non-verbal reactions Verbal and non-verbal reactions After both rounds, we listened to the sharings in the big group, of how the experience was for each part, in each way of listening. We learned how the way we react affects our ability to listen deeply and also how the feedback from the listener guides or sets the storyteller free to tell his/her own story. There was also the beautiful realization that each way of listening might be useful depending on the circumstances and how much the storyteller and the listener know each other. In the end, the participants had the opportunity to get information about Knowmads UP! with a great presentation hosted by Christian. The presentation was followed by a very interesting session of Q&A, with many deep questions and a lot of interaction between the participants, all offering their own answers for many of the questions. All this in a beautiful (and hot!) Saturday, with great energy and vibe!...

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