The end of a journey, the start of new possibilities
So we have come to the final weekend together. A session about High level communications delivered by our beloved communications expert – Ms Phuong, equipped us with necessary skills to get ready for the final presentations.

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Written by Miranda Saturday This Saturday was a rather unusual Knowmads day. We started the morning outside in nature! Yes, you can find some hidden nature in busy Hanoi. Phan Y Ly brought us to an island where we were to spend an hour on our own, just wandering around, being aware of all our senses and the details of the things we saw around us. And there was enough to see! From mini flowers, to a river with houseboats, from a yellow flower field to a (half)naked soccer game, waterbuffaloes and bird traps, playing dogs, angry dogs, children and shells. It was a very refreshing and relaxing exercise reminding us of the importance of taking a break. If we can be ‘busy’ taking a break, have our minds stop working for a moment, for sure we will regain energy, creativity and joy!   The afternoon was reserved for mid-term presentations. Everybody had 10 minutes to present their project and their Knowmads journey until now. So many talents, so many different journeys, different lessons and insights, how wonderful! It was also a great opportunity to get feedback on our projects and some new questions to guide us. In the evening we had a christmas party! Including a delicious vegetarian dinner, crazy talent show and secret santa presents! Yes, Team one is even skilled in singing, dancing, poetry and theatre! Sunday After such a unusual day, back to work on Sunday! Ms. Phuong gave us a workshop on effective communication giving us guidelines to improve our presentations. Very concrete tools we can apply straight away. Nguyen Tung Lam from 4T shared his personal story with us about starting a youth development business. He’s very young so we can relate very much to his story. With his passion he managed to surf through all the ups and downs of start-up ‘businessing’. Finally, Pham Kieu Oanh from CSIP talked to us about Social Entrepreneurship. She told us about how we can take a social concern and make it into a business opportunity. Ending with the many trends there are in Social Entrepreneurship we could realize how hot this topic is right now in the world. And we are a part of it! Most precious moment An impression of the favorite moments of our team 1 members. Feeling at home Get to know our team members a bit better, this is what makes us feel at...

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