Hailey Chang / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 5 from Taiwan/USAHailey
Joining Knowmads was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! It empowered me to express my emotions and connect with others while doing my life work. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be/make a positive contribution. What I got out of it was a lot of love, support, motivation, and the sense of community.


Hoang Nguyen / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 5 from VietnamHoang
Ours is a community of love and sharing, where everyone is open to each other without judgement, and where lifelong friends may be found.


Diep Huong Nguyen / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 3 from Vietnamhoungdiep
Knowmads has been a totally life changing experience to me. The reason why I use present tense is because to me the program hasn’t ended yet, definitely not at the final presentation, even though it was a very important remark. I believe Knowmads is the type of education that everyone should have chance to experience at least once in their life, especially in Vietnam, where programs like this are new and young people of Vietnam are living in a challenging period in order to combine in the most harmonious way, the old and the new, the in and the out, the real and the virtual.


Ngoc Huong Nguyen / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 3 from Vietnamchim
Knowmads was a life changing experience for me. I am with Knowmads for not only 7 weekends during the program but long after that. There were many lost, confused, frustrated moments, but in the end there was also lots of love, joy, passion, enthusiasm and courage. I think the most valuable thing I got out of Knowmads is the community of people who have dreams and are willing to make those dreams come true, the community of believers and doers.


Chau Nguyen / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 2 from Vietnamchau
One month with Knowmads was a beautiful and joyful journey to different side of me and of the world around me. I found this form of education truly inspiring and encouraging, one that embraces both your personality and creativity, one that teaches you to make the best out of your very own qualities.


Mai Linh / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 2 from Vietnam
Knowmads is the nicest experience to me so far. Now I feel better in myself than ever, there is more love than fear in myself. I have gained a lot of confidence to do whatever I love to do. Knowmads also teaches me how to do in an effective way through putting it as a concrete project with a start and ending point. Rock n roll and get the ball rolling!


Tran Minh Tam / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 2 from Vietnamtam
For me, Knowmads is a small world of love, passion, friendship and wisdom. Furthermore, it is a launcher to make my dream come true!

Long Nguyen / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 2 from Vietnamlong
I have learned in knowmads for 4 weeks now. I have earned a lot of experience about business, marketing and how to interact with people. I have more confidence to do what I love and technique to start getting things done. Knowmads has become the third family to me now, I love everybody here.


Hong Trang / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 from VietnamNguyen Hong Trang
You will gain a lot of new knowledge delivered in a young and modern way in an active learning environment, meet with a lot of like-minded yet diversified people, and be inspired to be a change-maker in yourself and in the community.


Gabriela Arenas / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 from BoliviaGabriela Arenas
This is a great place for everyone wanting to create their own project or develop their idea. Great support from the team and other students, great mentors, great workshops. This a place where you will be able to find what you need in order to reach your goals.


Thuy Duong / Graduate Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 from VietnamDuong Wendy
Knowmads Hanoi is a platform where I could make everything happen. It pushed me to bring complex ideas and all the dreams, wishes and thoughts into action. When I could make one thing happen, all the other things can happen just as a domino effect. Now I even don’t really know how to stop myself….


Knowmads Hanoi