Your are open and positive towards:

  • taking initiative & positive action
  • uncertainty, learning & change
  • risk taking & perseverance
  • care for community & spending time with others in good and bad times
  • having a goal, moving towards something
  • self-development, feedback and self-reflection
  • questioning the status quo


We are looking for:

  • 20-35 years old (aprox.)
  • English speaking
  • Curious, creative, entrepreneurial, brave, committed and involved
  • Those with experience and pull for the others, wanting to take action and go out there.
  • The dreamers, visionaries, those who imagine a whole different reality.
  • The changemakers, troublemakers, passionate for the difference.
  • The warriors, fighters, those who stand their ground.
  • The insecure and wavering as well.
  • The artists who are just discovering their talents and want to move something with it.
  • We need the clowns, fools and misfits.
  • We need the hosts, the facilitators.
  • And finally the gardeners, with lots of care, love and passion for the little things.


If you feel that you belong to this mindful and creative group, don’t wait any longer to apply. If you are still wandering, spend some minutes watching the story below, and check out more videos in our Youtube channel

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