Detailed program

Below you find the detailed program for Knowmads Hanoi Team 7, as from now!

Weekend 125th & 26th of March 2017

The first session of the program aims to give you a chance to get to know who else is in the room.

Alternative education
A facilitated session to understand the education you are stepping into and a co-creation of the principles that will guide our journey together.


Paperclip challenge
An exciting and real-life challenge evolving around a red paperclip. How far can you take it?

A session to explore the different aspects of leadership that are required in today’s world.

Weekend 21st & 2nd of April 2017

My life journey
A feedback on the biggest highlights of your life so far with a close look into what made them possible and relevant.

Personal values
This workshops aims to bring clarity on the core values you stand for.


Rediscover my passions
A session for you to find more about yourself, your interests, passions and what you would like to have more of in your life.

What the heck am I good at?
A session for you to find more about what you are good at, and what you would like to keep developing to be able to be at your best.

Weekend 38th & 9th of April 2017

Personal branding
This workshop on personal branding will support you to start crafting a life strategy that assigns a clear and unique identity to you.
by Jason Lusk

Powerful questions
We’ll learn about powerful questions, before experiencing a powerful exercise around the question you are holding.


Go and Take Action Day!
A day outside with hands-on to help on a real project with great impact.

Reflection on the Go and Take Action Day
What can we learn from the experience of organizing and implementing the action we chose?

Weekend 415th & 16th of April 2017

A session to learn about one of the most urgent topics in today’s world.


Storytelling: Social entrepreneurship
Let’s hear nice stories of people with an entrepreneurial mindset who created positive change in the world out of their own passions.

A time for you to connect to yourself and find out what’s your next step in life.

Weekend 522nd & 23rd of April 2017

Chaordic Stepping Stones
We’ll start exploring this powerful project design tool, walking you through the whole process. During the first session, we’ll go from the need you see in the world to a brainstorming session on possible projects and actions you can take to address it.


Chaordic Stepping Stones
During this second session, we’ll go from the beliefs you’re carrying that are holding you back to a reflection on where you are in the process.

Weekend 629th & 30th of April 2017

Open weekend

Weekend 76th & 7th of May 2017

A session about the importance of working in teams, where we’ll explore different ways of working together.

Graphic facilitation
This workshop is about using simple drawings to communicate your ideas in an effective and engaging way.


Knowledge expedition
We’ll explore this teaching format where you’ll choose what to learn among many alternatives.

Action session
An action session to give you the possibility to get individual support, regarding anything you still need for your project.

Weekend 813th & 14th of May 2017

Open Space
We’ll have an open space for you to get support from the community in walking the process and learning along the way, regardless on where you are or want to go.


Collective learnings
We’ll explore all we have learned as a group during our journey together.

My learning journey
Unfolding stories & insights from your learning journey.

Weekend 920th & 21st of May 2017

Final presentations
Final presentations from participants to share about their journey.


Final presentations
Final presentations from participants to share about their journey.

Closing ceremony & Graduation party
Final ceremony to close our Knowmads journey together, followed by a smashing graduation party!

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