9 weekends, from March 25th to May 21st 2017. We will work together from 8:30am to 6:00pm.



It happens in a place that we call HOME, in the heart of Hanoi. Some workshops and activities might happen in different locations.



$450,- for Vietnamese participants
$600,- for international participants



A team is a group of international participants that start and end their program together.
Team 6 will have up to 20 participants, with a maximum of 7 foreigners, as a way to develop a strong local community in Hanoi.



  What will participants get after this program?

Successfully finishing a program at Knowmads Hanoi means that you will be presented with:

  • Official Certificate Knowmads Amsterdam
  • Workhops and experiences in topics such as personal development, project design, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and creativity
  • Clearer understanding of who you really are and what you are capable of
  • Clearer picture of your passions, talents, and values in this world and how to create your part in it
  • Clearer idea of what are the next steps in your life
  • Real-life experience in designing and engaging in your project
  • Individual and team support to move forward with your projects and ideas
  • Harvest of your learnings through regular journaling
  • Broaden your international network of trainers and Knowmads alumni


No matter what, they will be in your network and they will be happy to hear more about you and your entrepreneurial plans to create positive change!


Knowmads Hanoi