Invite us to your city!

Nothing excites us more than seeing changemakers sprouting in different cities and countries, helping individuals undergo transformations that the world desperately needs.

Below is a simple step-by-step on what’s needed in order for you to organize a mini Knowmads program in your city. If you feel called to make it happen, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can discuss further how to proceed, and send you more complete and detailed guidelines.

  1. Contact us at to check if there is availability and interest.
  2. Form an organizing team with at least 3 people, including 2 with some experience with Knowmads or facilitation.
  3. Identify the need(s) that call you for action and define the target group, purpose and intended outcomes (harvest) of the program.
  4. Define the duration (with a minimum of 3 days or 2 consecutive weekends), dates, and budget.
  5. Skype with us to check-up and receive the following guidelines for making it happen.
  6. Align with us to prepare and organize (application process, program design, logistics, invitation, marketing, interviews and so on).

Knowmads Hanoi