“ How can I be understood about this complex thing I wish to communicate?”

“How do I manage to navigate through this difficult conversation and to make a positive outcome out of it?”


Whether in our family, in our relationships, in our work, the struggle that surrounds communication is often present. And communication is very often the one thing that will make the difference between success and failures.

So what if we could communicate authentically in a way that nurtures rather than hurts relationships? How do we connect to the deeper humanity of the other person even when all we hear is judgment, blame or anger?



To move forward with these questions, we are pleased to invite you to join a 2-evening workshop on Non Violent Communication (NVC), a globally-recognised approach and a set of tools that helps us connect empathically with self and others hosted by our certified trainer Marjeta Novak.

Nonviolent communication is an ‘operating system’ for collaborating within the partnership paradigm that has proven useful and beneficial in a range of human interactions: from conflict resolution to organizational development to family and personal growth.

It is a consciousness, toolkit and language rooted in the idea that people are connected through deeply-held needs that are drivers for all thoughts and actions. Once the re-connection to oneself and others through needs is established, truth can be spoken and heard free of blame; and solutions get co-created that serve all involved.
The approach was developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg, and has been rapidly spreading around the world.



Marjeta is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She was raised in Slovenia (then socialist Yugoslavia; nov member of European Union) and graduated from the University in Ljubljana (MSc in Intercultural Communications). After a career in marketing, she now works in three areas: as Nonviolent Communication trainer (in business, community and family settings); host/facilitator of strategic dialogues for solving complex issues; and trainer in intercultural communication and management.

She also stewards the local Nonviolent Communication practice group in her native Slovenia (a tiny country in Europe). Marjeta has shared Nonviolent Communication in the US, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Tahiti and a number of European countries.
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★ When : 7-10pm, November 8th – 9th

★ Where : the Learning Hub, 14 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi

★ Participation fee : Normal price 1M VND ; Student price 600K VND

★ Registration :




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