Program structure

Participants will be actively engaged in the design of their own program through individual learning wishes, collective needs and our suggestions of methods and ideas. We design our programs and workshops using the following main questions and building blocks. We top off our creations with a touch of magic and rock ‘n roll.


Main Questions and Topics

  Who am I?
Personal Development

  In what world do I want to live?
Sustainability & Social Innovation

  What do I want to contribute/change?
Personal Leadership

  How do I create the organisation/project to get it done?
Entrepreneurship & New Business Design

  How do I bring it into the world?
Marketing & Creativity


The Knowmadic Journey


Building blocks of the program

Participants will start and end their program together in a team. Throughout the program you will work with your team on your own projects supporting each other during the process. Often, the main learning happens within the team, through developing together and sharing the process with each other.

Self organization
A big part of the education is being part of the program, organizing your own space, education and business. We don’t believe in tests, marks, rights or wrongs, as we don’t see them anywhere in real life. You will take your own decisions, set your own goals and thus have your own successes and failures. The staff and your peers will coach, question, challenge, guide and support you.

Action-based learning
You learn best by doing and sharing. We think there are enough real issues to deal with and work on, so why invent them or take them from books. Participants work on real-life projects.

Knowmadic Toolbox
You will receive workshops in powerful methods from experts in their fields. We believe learning takes place in a variety of different layers and that we can’t control what you learn. Although the participants will go through the program together, it’s an individual process for each person.


Knowmads Hanoi