Team 4

The journey of the 4th team of Knowmads Hanoi has started on 20th June, 2015. And we are going to be together in our HOME here until 2nd August, 2015. Download the detailed program here.


The Knowmadic Journey

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Meet the participants
Huong Nguyen

Team 4 - Huong NguyenVietnam

Huong is a 21-year-old girl who was trained to be a teacher. She is now working at Viet-Uc English Center as a tutor.

The project she wants to do during Knowmads is to understand herself, figuring out her true passions and abilities, so that the next step will be creating her own business or organization.

Le Thi Ha Giang (Hana)

Team 4 - Giang HanaVietnam

Giang, 25 years old, studied International Relations in Romania and has worked in Romania and the US. She is currently working at Hanoi School of Public Health.

Giang has several ideas in mind for her personal project: writing blog and novel; kids engineering, opening a café with many innovative activies. She joins Knowmads to be inspired by active and interesting people, making friends, improving her confidence, patience and creativity.

Nguyen Phuong Quynh

Team 4 - QuynhVietnam

Quynh, 22 years old, is a fresh graduate from Foreign Trade University and has some experience with marketing. However, her passion lies in cuisines. She desires to start up a restaurant for “true eating, for anyone who enjoys the food as it simply be, as well as enjoys every moment of life.

During Knowmads, Quynh would love to explore different aspects of her inner-self, get to know diversified people and also develop her own project.

Do Thu Hien

Team 4 - HienVietnam

With 8 years experience in film making (short films, documentaries, animations) and 5 years working with Deaf community, Hien desires to start up a personal project called “Listen by Eyes”. She graduated from Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema in 2014 as a film director. Since then, she has been working in Family Support Team as Communication Facilitator, and in IDEO project as a sign language interpreter.

Joining Knowmads, besides improving her public speaking skills, Hien hopes to make her dreams come true by running real life projects, creating fruitful workshops and earning a living by doing what she loves – “Raise deaf voice and build the cultural bridge”.

Cormac Dawson


After studying Philosophy and Politics in The UK, Cormac, 26 years old, has lived in SE Asia for 3 years. Now he is working as a teacher in Hanoi.

Despite not having any specific project in mind yet, he is looking to do something in Social Justice, Sustainability and many other issues which he hopes to channel into a fulfilling and viable project. Before in his homeland, Cormac was active in a number of left wing political groups and worked on various issues such as Anti- Racism, opposing a new tax on water, supporting workers taking Industrial action and opposing government cuts to public services.

Joining Knowmads Hanoi, Cormac’s plan is to learn how to move ideas forward so that they might be developed into plans. Personally, he hopes to discover his ability to work as a part of a group and to be more accepting of different opinions and approaches.

Nguyen Thi Kim Dzung

Kim DzungVietnam

Studying English at university, Dzung has a lot of experience in tourism in Ha Giang after graduating. She is now working as an assistant inProcess Plant” in Son La province.

During Knowmads Hanoi, this  25-year-old girl wants to prepare herself for the next life steps – developing herself in an environment full of young talented people and learning by doing.


Tran Hai Dzung

Team 4 - Hai DzungVietnam

With a desire of starting up her own education center, Dzung, 28 years old, joined Knowmads to learn how to make the old thing new, target customers and gain their trust and loyalty from customers for her products.

Beforehand, she gained an MSc in Education Training and Management in University of Portsmouth, England.

Phan Minh Phuong

Team 4 - PhuongVietnam

Being a fresh graduate from RMIT University, Phuong wants to develop a project to provide vocational training for autistic children. As a student, she gained a lot of experience working to support autistic kids, helping them to be leaders of several activies. At Knowmads, she expects to find her true dream career and develop herself.


Vu Thi Lan Huong

Team 4 - Lan HuongVietnam

Huong, 27 years old, has gain experience in a variety of different fields after graduating from Thang Long University – PR, translation, accounting, etc.

She is still trying to figure out the personal project she wants to develop, and by joining Knowmads, she hopes to be inspired by different people and stories, enriching her knowledge and improving her communication skills.

Do Thi Thuy Ngan

Team 4 - NganVietnam

Ngan, 27 years old, was trained for English Pedagogy at Hai Phuong University. However, her collection of experience is so much more than that with 4-5 years working as a project assistant for multiple European companies in different fields. Currently, Ngan is assisting all technical and administrative issues in a ship building project, being in charge of communicating and coordinating between head office in The Netherlands, Site Team and Subcontractors, making sure everything is running smoothly.

While still thinking her personal project, Ngan would like to take the time during Knowmads to get in touch with her inner-self and find her passion. Furthermore, she hopes to more or less find out the direction for her future career.

Thang Dinh

Team 4 - Thang DinhVietnam

At the age of 32, Thang has travelled alone all around the world for more than 10 years. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Now at Knowmads, Thang wants to improve his confidence in public speaking and learn to express is own ideas better, also to build a strong network and personal leadership. Thang’s personal project is “Kids Education & Survival Skills”.


Chatchada Chaisrichawla (Cee)

Team 4 - ChatchadaThailand

Cee is a 28-year-old girl from Thailand. She’s going to spend her coming 7 weeks in Hanoi with Knowmads, trying to challenge herself, improving personal skills and fight the inner fears. She hopes to be inspired and able to generate new ideas and make it more useful.

Cee studied Business Administration and Psychoanalysis & Cultural Studies. Now she is thinking about starting up a Library retreat & Homeless Café.

Do Viet Duong

Team 4 - DuongVietnam

“Adopt a tree” is Duong’s personal project during Knowmads Hanoi. He studies International Business Administration at Foreign Trade University.


Trang Le

Team 4 - Trang LeVietnam

With a Bachelor degree in Linguistics and a Master degree in Marketing and Advertising, Trang Le (or Trang Pear) worked for Australian Embassy for 4.5 years and is currently working for RMIT Hanoi. However, this 28-year-old girl is nurturing a personal project about Photography.

Trang takes Knowmads Hanoi as a journey into herself to discover her key values and develop further. Hopefully after the transformation, she will understand her inner person better and apply all those lessons into her professional life.

Nguyen Hai Linh

Team 4 - LinhVietnam

Joining Knowmads Hanoi, Linh, 25 years old, looks forward to developing herself and being surrounded by interesting and passionate people. She is working as a marketing officer, as it was what she studied.

Vu Huong Giang

Team 4 - Huong GiangVietnam

Giang’s strong understanding about Deaf’s culture and experience in working with Deaf community encourages her to start a personal project for establishing Deaf clus in their own provinces. She also has knowledge in marketing and a network with disabled people.

During Knowmads, Giang expects to overcome herself to be more confident, creative and knowledgeable. With great sharings from trainers and her teammates, Giang will make her dream come true.


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