Team 2

On the 30th of June 2014 Team 2 was welcomed by Team 1 and staff to start their 4 week full-time program with us. And what a journey it was… Download the detailed program here.

During the 4 weeks Team 2 experienced a wide range of workshops and lectures, connecting to their passion, overcoming struggles and creating great projects. We celebrated their graduation with a great party that became magical because of the self-organzized play by Team 2, that gave a wonderful overview of our journey together.


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What’s up in Team 2

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Team 2 participants’ information
Chau Nguyen

Chau’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Chau Nguyen Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

It is interesting how Chau, a former Commerce student at RMIT with 1.5 years experience in real estate, keeps balance between her professional life and other little pieces of life such as modern art, photography, dance, music, nature and books. Being 28 years old, she already spent 10 years in social and charity activities, started a dance studio in 2011 and an Art Workshop in May 2014. All these hobbies and experience gave her the passion to start a project about Pallet Art Workshop. Chau applied for Knowmads in order to meet like-minded people and overcome her passive – aggressiveness. Above all, she wants to empower entrepreneurship.

Nguyen Huong Ly
Chau's personal project - Click for bigger view

Chau’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Huong Ly Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

After graduating from RMIT University, Ly has been working full-time for UNV and now running a project called Go Green for her organization, also as her personal project at Knowmads. With very busy professional schedule, she still arranges enough time to enjoy herself when actively contributing to a new online magazine named & Of Other Things. Joining Knowmads, she aims to obtain a clearer view of herself and what she would like to contribute to the world. In a more practical way, she wants to gain useful skills to coordinate her project at UNV.

Le Hoang Long
Long's personal project - Click for bigger view

Long’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Hoang Long Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Long is an event organizer at Hanoi in English Meetup besides his main job as a 3rd year student of Banking Academy. From this community, he has also developed his talent in stand-up comedy. At Knowmads Hanoi, Long aims to make more friends, enhance his soft skills and entrepreneurial mindset.



Le Thi Thanh Phuong
Phuong's personal project - Click for bigger view

Phuong’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Thanh Phuong Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Thanh Phuong, a little 21-year-old girl from Foreign Trade Univeristy, is developing her idea for a project to bring music and dance to children in villages and small towns. She believes in using art as methods and materials for personal development. She applied for Knowmads Hanoi Team 2 to become a person who is aware of what she wants in this life, confident and patient to follow her dream, to face her fear and to overcome her limitations.

Nguyen Manh Hung
Hung's personal project - Click for bigger view

Hung’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Nguyen Manh Hung Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Nguyen Manh Hung, an extrovert who loves to meet new people and to learn new languages, is interested in a project for expats communities – Vietnamese meetup – Hanoi in Vietnamese. This finance student has gained experience in communications from many organizations and activities such as Hanoi Meetup, AIESEC, etc. At Knowmads Hanoi, Hung is trying to improve his management skills, personally and professionally.

Nguyen Duc Anh
Duc Anh personal project

Duc Anh’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Duc Anh Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Duc Anh is a highschool student who is passionate about childrent’s rights. He used to be a leader of Hanoi junior reporter club. Depsite of being the youngest member in the team, he has very clear idea for a personal project to protect children on the internet Joining Knowmads, he wants to define what he loves to do in the future and learns about teamwork, business and personal brand

Nguyen Hoang Anh
Hoang Anh's personal project - Click for bigger view

Hoang Anh’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Hoang Anh Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Hoang Anh, a student at State University of New York,will become 19 in this coming Octorber. This lovely girl is thinking about starting an online bookstore as her first project. Before this, she has been a leader in her classes in Vietnam and The U.S and at the same time attended many social activities such as Green Heart CCI, Red Cross. Spending her whole summer holiday in Vietnam for Knowmads, she hopes to gain experience of working with different types of people and build her social network. Above all, she desires to find out what exactly she is craving for her future.

Hoang Thi Mai Linh
Linh's personal project - Click for bigger view

Linh’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Mai Linh Knowmads Hanoi Team 2Linh, a Bachelor of Foreign Economics, has gained for herself a wide range of experience in business field: sales, marketing, writing, customer relation. She loves food, music,travelling, and she is still looking for her real burning passion. Coming to Knowmads, Linh expects to discover herself, to learn to process a business project, to pursue a long life career and to build a good network.


Pham Dinh Minh
Minh's personal project - Click for bigger view

Minh’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Minh Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Talking with Minh, you will get a variety of interesting stories about Japanese culture and people that he has collected during 4 years studying in Japan. This 25-year-old guy, who loves to sing and dance around everytime we take a break in Knowmads Team 2, is thinking about a project about Japanese pop music. He also has experience in organizing activities to support LGBT community in Hanoi. At Knowmads, Minh’s goals are obtaining transferable skills necessary for creating and realizing his own ideas (oraganization, planning, team building, effective communication, etc) as well as improving his communication with various types of people, especially with local young people in Hanoi.



Nguyen Thao Phuong
Apple's personal project - Click for bigger view

Apple’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Thao Phuong apple Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

Thao Phuong is now a sophomore at Foreign Trade University. She joined Knowmads with ideas of a project that connects personal development and entrepreneurship. Besides her study, Phuong also enriches her experience by attending Tomorrow Engrepreneur Club and working at Embassy of United States as an intern. Her goals at Knowmads is gaining new knowledge (especially about entrepreneurship and critical thinking), positively changing her way of thinking and finding her true dream that fits her capability.

Tran Minh Tam
Tam's personal project - Click for bigger view

Tam’s personal project – Click for bigger view

Tam Knowmads Hanoi Team 2

After spending more than 1 year teaching at British Vietnamese Internation School, Tam was inspired by her little students to come up with a project about design thinking and an artwork center for everyone. This active girl who loves rock music and drawing has gained for herself lots of experience in social activities through AIESEC Hanoi and many student clubs. Joining Knowmads, Tam expects to relax herself, get out of her comfort zone and start up the project that she has always dreamed of.


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