Core team



André Herzog  

André is a world citizen who believes that a different and better world is not only possible but needed. Being an economist, he is very attached to his values and convictions. One of these convictions is that education and connection to oneself and others are the starting point for the change he wants to see in the world. During his year as a participant at Knowmads Business School Amsterdam, he experienced a different approach to education and discovered his call to bring it further to impact as many people as possible. Thus, he joined the facilitation team at Knowmads Hanoi, where he uses his presence, participatory methods, conversations, creativity, and storytelling to support people in their own journey to grow, share and shine, while continuously developing himself. His passions include travelling, movies, music, sports, games, storytelling, and having different experiences and meaningful conversations. You can wake him up in the middle of the night for anything you really want/need. Don’t wake him up in the mornings though. Seriously, don’t. Không tốt.



Narayan Silva

Narayan Silva  

Narayan grew up in Brazil but sees himself as a true Knowmad, having spent most of the last decade studying and working in 10 different countries. With a MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden, he is passionate about helping people and organizations to realize their full potential for creating positive impact in the world. He is a conscious entrepreneur, TEDx co-host, sustainability and education consultant and Graphic Facilitator, having worked with numerous organizations around the world, from small NGOs to corporations such as Nike and Mercedes-Benz. Narayan was nominated a UNESCO ESD Youth delegate in 2014, and spent the last 2 years in China facilitating processes for learning and sustainability. People usually think he’s a nice guy, but if you see him doing weird stuff like meditating in random places or dancing without music, don’t despair: he’s only stretching his love and rock ’n roll muscles!



Trang Thu Nguyen  

Graduating as a software engineer, Trang didn’t find herself fulfilled when working with a computer 8 hours a day, even in an exciting international environment. Inspired by a travel man she met in Russia, she knows that her life mission is to learn everything coming to her, from technical topics to social work and creativity such as drawing, graphic design, photography, etc. Above all, she cares most about education. She has background of more than 7 years working in/with local NGOs, leading or supporting projects related to education for different groups such as blind community, children and youth. Trang has been with Knowmads Hanoi since its beginning in 2013 and she is willing to share with you the amazing journey she had.



Hailey Chang    

Hailey (Taiwan/US) is a global citizen and crazy cat lady who has lived and worked in 6 countries. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Translation and Interpretation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, she started working as a medical interpreter, only to discover that she felt more compelled to ‘interpret’ for those whose voice can’t be heard – the animals. She then started working as an animal activist, raising awareness for animals on factory farms, fur farms, in zoos and circuses, and laboratories. Her experiences range from celebrity coordination, media relations, online marketing, to research, writing, and campaign coordination. After joining Knowmads Hanoi Team 5, her life was forever changed for the better, and she’s committed to facilitating dialogues in a world that desperately needs compassion, empathy, and cute cat photos.



Hoang Nguyen  

Hoang has an ‘international’ vibe about him, having come from a diplomatic family, lived in Russia and Australia, and majored in International Studies. Passionate about helping others, he has worked with several NGOs and charity groups. A member of Knowmads Hanoi Team 5, his current calling is to continue its legacy, to inspire and support many more people. He is a knowledge sponge who can spend hours reading about any random thing he found interesting. He loves food, and cannot imagine life without good books, sports and music.



Linh Pham

Knowmads Hanoi has transformed Linh from an 9 to 5 office worker to a facilitator and an entrepreneur. As an alumnus of the Knomwads Program, Linh had a profound experience with the kind of alternative education that Knomwads offers. Knowmads helped him realize his passion for personal development and his purpose to be of service to the community. Since joining the core team of Knowmads, he has guided 3 full programs and facilitated workshops for many organizations such as Laika Academy, IPP,  and AIESEC. He believes happiness is traveling on the path of Personal Growth and pursuing your Authentic Self. He also find joy and meaning in sharing his own learnings and supporting others who want to be on similar journey.


Ngoc Huong

Ngoc Huong Nguyen  

Given her young age, it is quite astonishing to see the length of Huong’s resume. She has experienced working with schools, companies, small business, and even individuals who just have cool ideas. She was a member of Knowmads Hanoi Team 3 and she has been one of their loyal supporters ever since. Huong brings a charming personality combining with a butt-kicker attitude to Knowmads Hanoi. Contact her for any kind of support, starting a project, personal challenges, or even lessons in Ukulele.


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