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Linh Pham

Knowmads Hanoi has transformed Linh from an 9 to 5 office worker to a facilitator and an entrepreneur. As an alumnus of the Knomwads Program, Linh had a profound experience with the kind of alternative education that Knomwads offers. Knowmads helped him realize his passion for personal development and his purpose to be of service to the community. Since joining the core team of Knowmads, he has guided 3 full programs and facilitated workshops for many organizations such as Laika Academy, IPP,  and AIESEC. He believes happiness is traveling on the path of Personal Growth and pursuing your Authentic Self. He also find joy and meaning in sharing his own learnings and supporting others who want to be on similar journey.


Ngoc Huong

Ngoc Huong Nguyen 

Given her young age, it is quite astonishing to see the length of Huong’s resume. She has experienced working with schools, companies, small business, and even individuals who just have cool ideas. She was a member of Knowmads Hanoi Team 3 and she has been one of their loyal supporters ever since. Huong brings a charming personality combining with a butt-kicker attitude to Knowmads Hanoi. Contact her for any kind of support, starting a project, personal challenges, or even lessons in Ukulele.


Anne-Laure Romanet  

Anne-Laure comes from France and has moved to Hanoi since September 2016. What lead her to Vietnam was originally a corporate job within an international company; which she decided to put on hold the following summer to be able to focus fully on the development of Knowmads Hanoi. Having herself been through the struggle of finding her own path in life – from doing a top business school in Europe to finally working for an education organization in Hanoi – she is determined to help other young people find out what they love to do and empower them to take actions allowing them to move freely in this direction. Coming from the business world, she has also grown a passion about how people interact and collaborate together within organizations, and which structures and practices can best support individual growth and well-being. She co-organized “Art of Hosting Vietnam 2017”, the first participatory leadership training in Vietnam.

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