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This list of trainers will be regularly updated while we are designing the program.

Phan Y Ly
  • Personal development
  • Physical training

Phan Y Ly Trainer

Life ArtPhan Y Ly is a recognized social activist, entrepreneur, and artist. She pioneered in introducing to the country the concept of Self-Development and Social change using dialogical artistic medium. In the past 12 years Ly has worked with more than 4 thousands people from different parts of the world in the search for better understanding of self and others.

Y Ly is the founder of SameStuff TheatreLife ArtThe BlackBox. She is also a director of Green Meadow –  A Child-made documentary film project for children living on boats by Red River of Hanoi. The project has wont World Bank’s Vietnam Innovation Day award, opened the United Nation Film Festival in Vietnam (2007), attended Vietnam International Film Festival in California (2008), and featured in Yxine Film Festival (2009).

Pham Le Nguyen
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up's and seed funding

Pham Le Nguyen Trainer

5desire logoNguyen Pham is the founder of 5DESIRE, focusing on managing investor relations and start-ups relations. Prior to 5DESIRE, Nguyen Pham was the first Product Manager of Skunkworks, initiating the first design of the location based social network mobile application with global vision.  Prior to Skunkworks, Nguyen Pham had 3 years managerial experience in online venture investments as the Head of Incubator at Vietnam Communications Corporation (VC Corp). She had strategic investment decision into Ohay and GoodVietnam which now become Linkhay, the leading social news in Vietnam, and GPRS product which brought 50% revenue for VC Mobile department. Nguyen Pham also has helped to build up several leading websites in Vietnam including Channel 14.

Jason Lusk
  • Marketing
  • Personal Branding

Jason Lusk Trainer

ClickSpace - Logo
Jason is a strategic communications consultant with a background in PR, brand strategy, integrated marketing and digital media.
Until August 2012, Jason was a vice president at Cramer-Krasselt, America’s second largest independent advertising agency. His clients included Bombardier Recreational Products (Can-Am, Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Evinrude), Spice Islands and Johnson Controls, a Fortune 100 engineering company. Jason holds a degree in international politics from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Matthew Arbolino
  • Sustainability

Matthew Arbolino Trainer

Matthew is a sustainability professional with over 5 years experience in education and program development, primarily between Ha Noi and New York.  His ideas and methods are centered around Systems Thinking and using the natural world to draw comparisons to dynamic systems.  He has worked with a variety of educational institutions, including charities, universities, and international schools & organizations.  Prior to this, Matthew worked in business and finance.  Matthew completed his Bachelors degree from the University of Connecticut in English Literature & Language, and his Masters degree of Education for Sustainability/Education for Sustainable Development (EfS/ESD) from Antioch University.

Scott Gregory
  • Personal Developement
  • Authentic Relating

Scott Gregory Trainer

Scott Gregory, from Houston, Texas, has spent most of his life in the South of the United States. As a result of experiences growing up, he is deeply interested in communication and honesty, and he’s always looking for new ways to exchange truth with people. After learning about Authentic Relating almost three years ago, Scott has been involved in the Authentic Relating communities in Houston and Austin, TX, as well as Berkeley, California. In Berkeley, Scott was Circling with Guy Sengstock, one of the creators of the practice. About Authentic Relating, he says “It is the simplest and most effective way I’ve found to get more connected with myself and others.”

Robert Everitt
  • Entrepreneurship

Robert Everitt Trainer

circle time studio logoRobert from Canada is the founder of Circle Time Studio, a center for kids to experience English via diverse methods (storytelling, play, art, physical learning, etc).

Paul Zetter
  • Sustainable development

Paul Zetter Trainer


Paul Zetter has been working in development for over 25 years. Ten years with the British Council in the UK including assignments in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. He was then Assistant Director of the British Council in Vietnam for five years covering the arts, information, web and communications.
Since 2003 Paul has been a freelance educator influenced by the tutelage of theatre director David Glass and his arts in development creative practice. He specialises in dynamic, creative training,  workshops and projects that focus on participation, team-building, problem solving, organisational dynamics, relationships and creativity.
Paul started filmmaking and photography seriously in 2005 and since then his films have appeared in festivals in Europe, America, Asia and Australasia. He specialises in making films for the development sector helping organizations harness the power of the stories they tell everyday and to find new audiences for them. He also runs participatory filmmaking and photovoice workshops for addressing development issues especially with young people.

Brenda Kok
  • Online marketing
  • Communication

Brenda Kok Trainer

sparklingprofessionals Brenda Kok is a Dutch entrepreneur living in Vietnam. With her company Sparkling Professionals she helps independent professionals to package their expertise and passion into profitable online products and services. She loves talking about tools and strategies for online marketing and online video in particular as this is the most effective and personal way of doing business online.


Duong Nguyen
  • Communication
  • Social media

Duong Nguyen Trainer

Duong Nguyen has had seven years working as communications consultant, media practitioner and researcher for international companies and organisations both in the UK and Vietnam.

Her primary areas of expertise are at the crossroads of new media, social media, media use and identity, youth culture and globalization, education and communication for development, mobilizing civic participation through arts and media, social marketing.

Regarding academic qualifications, she has a double Master degree in Communication, Media & Cultural Studies from the IOE, University of London, UK and Aarhus University, Denmark. She is also a scholar from Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) – Brown University, US.

Heather Chan
  • Artwork
  • Team-building

Heather Chan Trainer

In her life and work, Heather is best to be described as:

heather chan life

Bobby Liu
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management

Bobby Liu Trainer

Bobby Liu

logo HubBobby is a global citizen originally from Singapore, keen on learning different cultural background of people and what makes them tick.With ideas abound, Bobby is currently incubating startups at Hub.IT (, providing these young entrepreneurs a conducive environment to innovate and sharing collective experience, building a great entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hanoi.

Marc Stenfert Kroese
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Marketing

Marc Stenfert Kroese Trainer

Donkey BakeryMarc is a business consultant who used to work for companies in Germany. He is now a social entrepreneur in Hanoi running a company named Donkey Bakery. In this company, he creates employment and provides vocational training and support to people with disabilities, with the majority of their team members being hearing, visually or physically impaired, from disadvantaged communities.  Their philosophy is not to employ staff based on official qualifications, but on one’s character, values and motivation to learn and grow.  They then train them with the technical skills needed to succeed in our business operations. He is going to attend this program as a trainer and a partner.

Preetam Rai
  • Marketing & Creativity
  • New media

Preetam Rai Trainer

LittleLives logoPreetam Rai helps organisations connect better with their audiences. He runs workshops where professions learn how to research better, make clearer presentations and network with peers. Preetam inspires the participants to be curious, optimistic and have a sense of the world. He has trained professionals from a diverse range of industries – healthcare professionals in China, civil servents in Fiji, educators in the Middle East and technology workers in South East Asia.

More at

Luu Duc Hiep
  • Green business
  • Sustainability

Luu Duc Hiep Trainer

YeseHiep is an entrepreneur and a leading expert of green business and sustainable design. He has a strong track record of consulting and design projects for multinational companies and organizations in Vietnam. Recently, his focus has been on building business networks focused on bringing sustainable development into daily business operations in Vietnam.

Guus Wink
  • New Business Design
  • Personal Development
  • Peer-to-peer training

Guus Wink Trainer & Facilitator

Knowmads Amsterdam

Guus is the founder of Knowmads Hanoi, he leads the team and the design of program content. After studying at the KaosPilots NL he worked at Knowmads Amsterdam from the start in 2009. On his 23rd he started his first company and he has worked on many different projects and for many organizations in 5 different countries. He can be described as an entrepreneur and an experience collector and he loves to share his energy and experience with students.

Don Tuan Phuong
  • Peer-to-peer training
  • Sustainability & Social Innovation

Don Tuan Phuong Trainer & Coach

CSDS logoDon Tuan Phuong is a co-founder and director of Volunteer for Peace Vietnam and Center for Sustainable Development Vietnam. He has been working very actively to promote non-formal education and eco-tourism in Vietnam and other countries. He has taken part as an organizer in many education projects and programs which aim to bridge the gap between Europe and Asia, such as Youth in the EU and China: Working Together to Common Challenges

Pham Kieu Oanh
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social innovation

Pham Kieu Oanh Trainer

CSIPMs. Pham Kieu Oanh is the founder and CEO of the Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP). She is a pioneer and an expert in social entrepreneurship development, child protection, and women’s rights. With CSIP, Oanh has built a new sector of social entrepreneurship in Vietnam and the region. Oanh is also a co-founder of Social Enterprise Asian Network, member of Asian Venture Philanthropies Association, founder of Vietnam Social Entrepreneurs Club, etc. In last 20 years, she undertook various positions in the Government agencies, international non-governmental organizations and UN agencies. Oanh obtained BA in Philosophy from Hanoi University and MA in Sociology & Anthropology from Monash University, Australia

Dr. Phuong Nguyen
  • Peer-to-peer training
  • Personal Development

Dr. Phuong Nguyen Coach & Facilitator

Dr. Phuong was born in Tra On District, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Linguistics and Literature from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from Hanoi Open University, Ho Chi Minh City Campus. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Comparative Linguistics from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Ho Chi Minh City. In 2005, Dr. Phuong attained her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University in the U.S. while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. education system and culture. Besides research in cooperative learning, general education programs, and multicultural education, her main research interests include accreditation, institutional effectiveness, and quality improvement.

Le Quang Binh
  • Sustainable development

Le Quang Binh Trainer

Bình has been working in development sector for more than 15 years in Vietnam and Cambodia. His main interest is cultural and social aspects of development. He believes that prejudice and discrimination are preventing the people, especially the ethnic minorities and Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders from participating and enjoying development. Bình promote the use of humanity value, mutual understanding and tolerance of differnce to overcome barriers, and to connect everyone to form a society which celebrates diversity, equality and protects human rights.

Nguyen Thu Hue
  • Project Management

Nguyen Thu Hue Trainer

logo mcdMs. Nguyen Thu Hue is founder and CEO of the center for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD). MCD is a nongovernmental organization, focusing on the conservation of ecosystems and livelihood of the coastal communities. MCD has been implementing over 50 projects at various sizes.

Trinh Dinh Long
  • Marketing

Trinh Dinh Long Trainer

Amica Corp logoTrinh Dinh Long is the General Director of Amica.
Amica provides solutions for enterprise development in relation to strategic consultancy activities, brand building and training programs on management, recruitment and e-commerce. With all of his experience, both academically and practically, Trinh Dinh Long is also a guest lecturer at the National Economics University (NEU) and the Hanoi School of Business (HSB).

Abel Polese
  • Global Development

Abel Polese Trainer

Abel Polese holds a first degree in Economics, a MA in European Studies and a PhD in Social Sciences. He also received a certificate in Peace and Reconciliation Studies and completed the World Bank Institute learning module.
Abel has been working at the University of Edinburgh (2008-2011), Dresden (2006-2008), Odessa (2004-2006) and has been visiting researcher at the Munk Centre (University of Toronto), Moscow Higher School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Corvinus University of Budapest.

Nguyen Vinh Loc
  • Personal Development
  • Art of management

Nguyen Vinh Loc Trainer

Luxcer LLC logoMr. Nguyen Vinh Loc has been graduated with Master Degree at the University of Western Australia, the group of eight leading universities in Australia. He has been working in different industries from government, education to information technology.  His working experience is in the areas of project management, busines management, education, business information management and sales in both Vietnam and Australia.

Tesla Vietnam were initiated in 2008 by Australian Government Scholarship graduates as Luxcer USA. With strong academic background and rich working experience from world leading technology companies we had decided to form Tesla Vietnam with its core business is to focus on web-based applications.


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