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I will tell you, it’s been difficult for me to sum up my Knowmads Lite journey because it has given me so much – a community for me to grow and be supported; best friends and soul mates; powerful questions to explore myself – my past, present, and future; tools to look at my life through different lenses by reflecting on my life journey, defining my values, identifying my talents and strengths, and asking powerful questions about what I want to see in this world.



Knowmads Lite has helped me to open my heart and mind to what is possible. It gave me the inspiration to hone in on listening to my intuition (inner voice) and to center (ground) myself so I can be a tool for myself and others. It gave me a light that reminds me to slow down and to be present. It inspired me to cultivate and sustain personal practices, including writing, meditating, and creating music. It provided me a supportive environment to receive feedback on pressing questions that I have about my journey including personal projects, and a space to create accountability for my goals and desires within our team. All of these gifts came through a personal exploration in the Knowmads Lite program. This experience wouldn’t have been possible without our facilitators, Chris, Mercedes, and Narayan, who were dedicated to showing up with us, providing us tools to shed light on different areas of our lives, and supporting us through this invaluable process.


So many times in life we’ve put such a big emphasis on formal education in different subject matters such as business, biology, engineering, accounting, etc., but how often do we invest time, money and energy on exploring ourselves – educating ourselves about ourselves (about our values, our talents and strengths, our passions, our life journey)? Not so often. The universe has so much to offer us – and for us to reconnect to ourselves, to know ourselves deeply, will allow us to deeply connect with others. When we understand and take care of our basic needs, mentally, physically, and spiritually, we grow into a space where we can create the change that we want to see in the world without losing ourselves in the process.


Since the completion of our course, I have continued to grow and explore by keeping up with my personal practice of writing, meditating, creating music, setting intentions in my life, in addition to reflecting on my journey and asking more powerful questions. The tools, materials, and questions that you acquire during your Knowmads Lite journey can keep supporting you after the program is over. Our team also created time to continue to meet and host our own meetings to support each other in our journey.

The gift of Knowmads Lite is amazing because it is a gift to yourself and to your soul – to explore yourself through different lenses. This doesn’t mean you will have all of the answers when you finish the program. Actually, you will likely be left with more questions than when you started, but it will give you inspiration for your present and future.  

Thank you, Knowmads Team 1 facilitators and participants, for creating a space for me to learn, grow, and connect. A new leg of the journey has begun.


Alyssa Rose Huebner

Knowmads Lite: Team 1


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