Letter To A Young Knowmad

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Dear knowmad,

Heart. Head. Hands. It begins with your own tools. All you should do is pay attention to little things. Smells. Colors. Confusion. Yes, it can be tough, even painful. But try not to struggle against it; they are expressions of newborn galaxies.

You must wake up early and let the sunrise be your first encounter of the day. So get out of bed and go explore. Throw your GPS in the lake and surrender to chance. There’s no time for allergies, just sensations and revolutions. Just follow the breeze and you’ll be fine.
But don’t forget to be kind and generous. People may find you exotic so let them reach you, especially the kids. Wave. Laugh. Cry. Be curious enough to see what’s going on inside of you… When the time is right, become the shelter of your own storm.

Erode. Just like nature does. You’re not meant to understand the world around you from a couch. No. Get rid of your outdated assumptions and travel light. Then let the universe steal the sand of your pockets. Put your Havaianas on and go explore again. You might not be yourself anymore.
When a peasant smiles across the street, smile back. You’re looking for real connections, the ones that are born naturally. Perhaps you can’t stop thinking of your hometown. But you’re here. Now. And now you must learn new lessons. While you stumble, see how a kid does; follow this kid’s footsteps. You already know it’s a road full of risks. So get used to it.

If you find yourself along a train track, it’s ok. Breath. Feel. Listen. A simple story people share with you might ignite a spark. It’s such a feeling. Unique. It means you’re alive… there’s so much to experience, still so much to learn… Yet great changes start with baby steps. Be patient.
The moment a star is born, let it shine and expand. After all, it’s not yours; it’s simply free. So be fearless. I’m sure you can take it.
Now look at your friends in the eye. And let them get to know you. They may be incredibly different, I know… Mermaids, guys with a feminine side, water-shaped personalities. Just embrace the weird creature you have always been.

You will also be intrigued by these people. Accent. Shoes at the door. Handshake. They are so unusual. Surprisingly, some of them you would probably meet anyway. The universe is somehow wise.
Learn. Grow. Respect. Fly away to another dimension but don’t forget to be present. Here. Now. All you need is right in front of you. So celebrate, joke around and order a bottle of tequila. What really matters we could never grab in our hands though.
I wish you, dear knowmad, a life of new beginnings. When you’re ready, you will tell your own story. I sincerely hope to meet you one day.

Best regards,


Knowmads Hanoi