Team 4 students’ blog, written by Nguyen Hai Linh:   Starting with a black heart and cold mind, I jumped into Knowmads knowing nothing about what would come. However I was just sure about one thing: I would definitely meet many interesting and inspiring people at Knowmads.     I love traveling, and joining Knowmads was such a journey: a short period journey that was interesting and full of joy but also difficult and challenging. Being present was an essential requirement, so I enjoyed the journey being a traveler, not just a tourist. Got interested in the first few weeks, then got totally lost and confused during the rest. But that’s what the journey was about. There were fun moments, and there were sad ones. But all in all it was full of happiness. Knowmads, eventually as what it’s called, is mad, but in a good way.     Each journey will teach you a lesson, and the Knowmads journey gives me lots of it. Fear the fear, acceptance, gratitude, doing by learning, invisible learning, third spaces… and the list goes on. When you’re truly drowned into something, there’s no way out: eventually I am in love with Knowmads.     So if at the first day I came to Knowmads, I was a lonely – simple – balanced girl, after Knowmads I am still a lonely – simple – balanced girl but also being painted with other different colors that I haven’t thought I have them in myself. And what magical is that, the most precious thing I get from Knowmads is not new colors, not the project, but...

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Team 4 students’ blog, written by Trang Le: It was a great week with both ups and downs I felt so pity cause I missed the previous weekend, heard that people had a wonderful weekend ever and I couldnt join :( I missed a chance to know more about people, anyway I also connect with more peple this week. Amazing!!! On Saturday morning with Marketing. It was nice to have a revision of what I have learnt about Brand Venn, Customer Journey and Marketing tactics. I started thinking about my personal project,what my vision is, who the target audiences are and what values I can bring to the audiences. 
Also Jason’s presentation was informative with interesting videos of advertisements which are always inspiring. I was impressed with the advertisement of the heavy truck brand. The ads were short, yet it brought so many excitements, surprises, emotional link to the audiences. It also highlighted the perfection of the truck’s function. Short but focus and inspring.   In the afternoon, everyone sat down together talking about attitude and responsibility. I guess everyone got the sense of responsibility just that we were lack of self motivation and a bit of procrastination. 
I really find the commitment buddy very helpful and interesting when I can share my commitment with another partner who will be a watcher, I will have to keep what I promised to do. Sometimes we don’t feel guilty if we don’t keep promises we made to ourselves but something always triggers you when you promise with some others. My commitments are I have to talk to the 2 people that I rarely talked with and I finish that commitment on Sunday. I felt so great when I can do a real talk with them. I felt more connected to them, getting to know about them much more. I feel like they are my sisters now. How cool that is!!! I also realize that when you don’t talk to people, you may hold a wrong impression about others. I bet some of the persons might think I am so scary and they couldn’t come to talk to me :)). One of the girls even had a really funny and interesting question if I am or my family is rich? :)))) I felt so happy when I could be open to everyone. And they were open to me too.     Sunday morning – Sustainability It was one of the best sessions so far for me. This is the topic that I am researching and also it relates to my personal topic – Sustainable travelling. The definition he gave us was different to what...

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I have considered myself as a person who was always thinking a lot to make things in order, till the time you came and unfolded all the invisible mess inside my head. There is such a big question that I have never dared to face with: What makes my heart smile?

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