I signed up for Knowmads and didn’t know what to expect, or if I was spending my money and time at the right place, or if I would be an outsider again. As one facilitator said, I should just follow my intuition. I had no idea this was even classified as a business school. But that turned out well. If I had known I wouldn’t have signed up, and I wouldn’t have known what I’d missed until the very end. And I feel thankful.

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Knowmads: is a banana island where 20 samurais hang out together to find their passion.
Love: all we need is love. Love for others, love for what we do.
Magic: In the beginning of the course, we were an unhappy, confused group of people. After 6 weeks, we are Ceo, founder, rock star, agriculturer, book exchanger, owner.. We were stranger, now we’re friends.

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Knowmads Hanoi