Knowmads Hanoi

Knowmads Hanoi is a creative business school, started as a partnership between Knowmads Business School Amsterdam and the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS).
Our purpose is to be of service to individuals and organizations seeking to create positive change within themselves and in the world. Therefore, we offer non-formal, international, creative programs and workshops in English, to support both individuals and organizations that want to create positive impact. Welcome Home!

Our vision

Knowmads Business School contributes to a world in which we learn to know ourselves and work from our own strengths. It’s a world where we are proactive, rather than reactive. A world where we see and take opportunities. In this world we are daring and enjoy to work on our big dreams together.

We don’t see our current education preparing us to become these people. This is why we created Knowmads. We want to gather such seekers and offer a place where they can learn to dare, trust and step onto the road to their big dreams together. We see our role in offering people a place where hope, needs, aspiration can be turned into a meaningful, thriving life or business.

At Knowmads you become part of a network that seeks to span the globe and attract bright minds, purposeful assignments and ideas for a better world.


Our values

  • Creating safe spaces where every individual is appreciated and encouraged to be his or her authentic self;
  • Encouraging self-leadership for individuals to take ownership of their learning and growth;
  • Fostering supportive collaboration and connection within teams;
  • Having an evolutionary attitude to keep learning, adapting and evolving.


Our principles


Human CenteredHuman Centered

Being Human Centered is about being aware of who I am. Being aware of dreams, patterns, beliefs, effects. It is about understanding myself in order to do work sustainably and grounded (centered). It is an education that focus on the individual, with his/her needs, wants and demands.


Action OrientedAction Oriented

Action Oriented is about movement, dynamic. We want to impact the world in a positive way and that starts from my own action. Rather than reacting on everything that comes to me, I work pro-actively from my own skills and ground. I celebrate success and failure as learnings from my experiences.


Head Heart HandsHead Heart Hands

Head Heart Hands Aligned. I have three kinds of energy within me: head (thoughts/intellect), heart (passion/connection), and hand (acts). I need all of them at different times. Working is a balancing acts between these three energies. It’s about knowing when I need which one to support my process.


Open and Appreciative CommunicationOpen and Appreciative Communication

Open and Appreciative communication is that I value what is there in a given situation. I (might) have judgements and I see that those judgements are my own projections. In communicating openly about this, I connect to myself and others. This is how I appreciate our connection. This is how I create real understanding.


Power to ChoosePower to Choose

Power to choose. When aligned, my choices “empower” me. They give energy to my life. With the choices I make, I follow my own path. I make conscious decisions. This is how I take responsibility for myself and my actions. This is how I shape my destiny by walking the path that gives me meaning.



Magic, flow, shine. Stepping into the unknown is about flow an trusting that control is only one aspect. It’s about trusting the magic to happen as you let go. It humbles me in knowing that I cannot (and do not need to) control everything. When I allow and work with the unknown, whatever happens is what needs to happen.


Our method

MethodIt is proven that active and participatory methods increase the learning retention, by engaging the learners and having them apply the theory in practice. Therefore our programs are based on action learning in a team setting, and consist of several workshops and real-life experience working on different projects. The programs are co-created by the facilitation team and the international group of participants, and are partly facilitated by external trainers, who are experts in their fields.


Knowmads Hanoi