A journey back HOME

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My name is Anna – I come from France and arrived in Hanoi last September.

I usually travel on weekends, to explore Vietnam and breathe some fresh air. But this weekend was a special one. I did not leave Hanoi, however I still started a wonderful journey.

This weekend was the first one of Knowmads Team 7.


This is Saturday morning and I have mixed feelings.

I feel excited of course, because Knowmads is a program I fully believe in.

I came across the team a few weeks after arriving in Hanoi and my first thought was “This was meant to be”.

Their calling questions, “Who am I ?”, “In what world do I want to live?”, “How can I make a positive change?”, are the questions that have been keeping me awake since I started working. Even more, they are the questions that pushed me to leave home and move to the other side of the planet.

The whole process of Knowmads is about giving you the space, the time, the inspiration and the support to reflect on these questions and make you move forward.

 A journey I have postponed for too long and feel fully ready to take today.

However, I also feel a bit nervous on this Saturday morning.

I have been living in Vietnam for 7 months now, and the life and the identity I have left behind me in Paris seem further away each day.

In the meantime, I still often feel like an outsider in this country which is not mine, and where my blond hair and funny accent always betray me at the first sight before all the cultural differences do the rest.

Yes, on this Saturday morning, I miss belonging. I miss fitting in. I miss Home. Even worse, I am not sure what to call Home anymore.

Credit: Lost in Translation (2003)

But no time to think about it.

Here I am,

8.30 sharp,

On a gray and humid Saturday,

On the 1st floor of this family house of the old quarter of Hanoi,

Sitting in a circle with complete strangers,

10,000 km away from where I come from,

Telling to myself “My life does not make any sense”.

And then the bell rings.

And the magic happens.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Two full days to connect with each others.

Looking each other in the eyes.

Speaking with intention, listening with attention.

Sharing about who we are, how we feel and what we are looking for.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Letting ourself dream about a better world where education would be different – and realising it is up to us to make this change.

Going out there in the wild world in order to experience what it means to take action.

Reflecting on leadership and our impact – and realising it is up to us to make this change.

Breathing in, breathing out.

And then the bell rings.

Time to go home.

Time to leave HOME.


Thank you all Team 7 & lovely facilitators !


Knowmads Hanoi