A Beautiful, Mystical Journey…

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“What I really want in my life is a compassion, a flow between myself and others based on a mutual giving from the heart”
– Marshall B. Rosenberg

Here I am, walking this journey within myself. It’s been almost a month since I arrived in Hanoi and since I found my oasis in the middle of chaos… and that piece of heaven is called Knowmads.

I never thought I would be brave enough to walk into this journey… I always thought my biggest burden was my fear of walking into the unknown, my fear of leaving my comfort zone and trusting life outside of those comfortable walls that I like to call home. I heard a poem once that speaks about a powerful voice that speaks within us and I believe that powerful, beautiful, inspiring voice that lives within me, guided me to this place. Regardless of the hard days, regardless of the confusion, culture shock and loneliness that I can feel sometimes, this is a beautiful moment and I trust my heart on that one.

So here I am, in Vietnam and very far away from home, 17,925kms apart and 12 hours ahead to be exact. I came all the way from Bogotá to Hanoi to start a learning journey with Knowmads, a place I like to call “my piece of heaven”, and my new, temporary “home”.

During this experience, we’ve explored some deep, powerful and scary questions… questions that we often don’t ask to ourselves because in most cases, there are no tangible answers to them. “What is alive in you today?”… “What is the voice inside of you telling you right now?”… “What truly inspires you?”… “When you are at your best-self, how does it look like?”. These are powerful questions that guide our learning and allow us to dig deep down, within ourselves, where most of the times the answers are manifested through feelings, memories and they are transformed into new understandings.

They like to say here that “real change starts with yourself” and I’m starting to understand how this simple phrase holds so much truth. It is through really connecting to what lives inside of us, that we find the essence of our true selves. It is through meditation and reflection that we allow ourselves to feel without judgment. It is through harvesting and stories that we are capable of understanding our past with compassion and empathy, and it is through offering our most vulnerable self to others that we are capable of creating a genuine connection with ourselves and with this world.


There are beautiful things that we each hold inside, and sometimes we are too afraid to discover them and share them with others, but in this little piece of heaven they’ve showed us with compassion, with love and with kindness that the path of truly connecting to what is inside of you, to what vibrates so strongly and speaks so truthfully within you, is the most beautiful path that you will walk because whatever you will find there is absolutely mystical and beautiful… it is called YOU.


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